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The Meghalaya Village Development & Promotion Tourism Cooperative Society Ltd, is a State Level Cooperative Society which was organized and registered as per the provisions of the Meghalaya Cooperative Societies Act and Rules vide registration No.SHILL.6 of 2012-13 dated 25th July, 2013 in order to ensure smooth operations of the Rural Tourism Projects spread in different parts of the State and with an anticipation that more villages in the State are covered up under the Rural Tourism Projects, a venture under the Cooperative Sector. To provide necessary guidance and assistance which can promote and develop the Tourism Industry at a village level.


Rural Tourism was conceptualized by the Cooperation Department to promote the Cooperative Societies at the Grass root level by interlinking the indigenous activities in the fields of art and craft, weaving and spinning, apiculture with the Tourism sector which are abundance with the gifted natural beauty of the rural side of the State.

The Rural Tourism under the Cooperative Sector was known as “Explore Exotic Meghalaya” (Travellers Nest). Initiated by the Cooperation Department in the year 2012-13 in collaboration with the Tourism Department, Government of Meghalaya, Shillong and the Meghalaya Village Development and Promotion Tourism Cooperative Society Ltd., Shillong.

At present there are 8(Eight) Rural Tourism Projects and out of which 6(six) Projects managed and run by the Primary Cooperative Societies in different villages of the State had already implemented the Projects.

Each village has simple infrastructure built using local materials and by local artisans and crafts men to ensure a comfortable stay and to enable the travelers to soak themselves in all that the village has to offer. Activities suitable for different age and interest groups like Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Hiking, Angling, Swimming etc., have been mapped out in the village and are conducted by our trained local guides.


  • To provide necessary guidance and assistance which can promote and develop the Tourism Industry at a village level.
  • To develop village Tourism, promote festivals/cultural tourism/eco tourism/adventure tourism/ethnic tourism and farm tourism.
  • To provide, engage experts in Tourism activities on usefulness of the tourist visiting the village Tourism Cooperative Society.
  • To regularly review the status of the village Tourism Cooperatives and suggest remedies for effective planning and utilization of the infrastructures created within the village/villages.
  • To do all things which are incidental for the overall development of the Village Tourism Cooperative Societies in the State.
  • To conduct and facilitate package tours for the foreign visitors as well as domestic visitors and develop infrastructure facilities like restaurants, medium priced and budget hotels at the tourist centres and establishment of middle-sized high value added high tech-tourism ventures.
  • To provide and engage transportation of Tourists from village to village in the State as per their preferences.
  • To carry out social welfare activities for development of the community in the village in the fields of education, health care, sports and youth affairs and other developmental schemes of the village.
  • To do all such things or undertake such other business or activities as may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any or all of the above objectives.
  • To borrow funds from Financial Institutions and State Government to achieve its objectives as define above.
  • To subscribe to the Share Capital of an Apex Cooperative Society of which, it becomes a member Society.
  • To create a Corpus Fund from the Contribution/subscriptions of the members, State Government and other agencies engaged in Tourism industry.


Tourists Information Centre of the Apex Body of the Meghalaya Village Development & Promotion Tourism Cooperative Societies Ltd under the Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Meghalaya, Shillong was inaugurated on 30th May, 2015 by Shri. H.D.R. Lyngdoh, Minister I/c Cooperation Department with the following aims and objectives:

  • To provide with the necessary information on enquiry to the tourist or guest visiting the info-centre.
  • To disseminate required informations on the tour package to the affiliated Tourism Cooperative Societies Ltd.
  • To act as intermediary between the affiliated Tourism Cooperative Societies and the tourists.
  • To help in marketing of the different products produce by all the affiliated Tourism Cooperative Societies.
  • To keep a record of the number of Tourists visiting the affiliated Tourism Cooperative Societies for a day trip or for overnight stay both domestic and international tourists.
  • Overall development of Tourism Industry in the Rural areas in particular and the whole State of Meghalaya in general, helping the rural people either directly or indirectly by providing employment to the educated unemployed youth which will also helps in raising the standard of living of the people and also gain revenue to the State and the Country as a whole.