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Phlangmawsyrpat Integrated Village Cooperative Society Ltd is located at a distance of 64 kms from Shillong city and has an area of 11 acre with beautiful natural pond which is used as fish farming or pisciculture and Tourism activities such as Kayaking etc. From this pond one can witness the overview of places such as Laitduh, Nongsteng, Mawphu, Tynrong, Nongshluid, Thieddieng, Synnei, Laitkynsew and Nongwar.

The Society provides Cottage tents and camping in the woods for tourists visiting the area.

Activities/Attractions for Guest:

Trekking, Kayaking, Swimming, Angling etc.

Local Contact Person: Shri. Iasohlang Malngiang
Contact Number +91-8787429385
Address: Phlangmawsyrpat Integrated Village C
Distance: 64 kms