Home Destination: Ialong Village


IALONG - Better than words

Ialong village is your typical village in East Jaintia Hills. Quaint, unassuming and quite possibly goes insane during the festive seasons. Out of the 400 odd households, a verge large proportion of the population belong to a single clan, the Mulieh’s. Perhaps this is what gives the village an undying feel of camaraderie and unity. This solidarity is well pronounced in the cultural festivals that have endured since an age gone by. The most famous of all is the Chad Chukra, a festival that celebrates the sowing season which corresponds with the month April. Another festival called the Noh Sceriat is also celebrated at the same time and are usually clubbed as one and called as Thohrakaw. If the sowing season is celebrated so vibrantly then the harvest season is second to none in that respect. Behdeinkhlam is celebrated in the month of August. Manic celebration commence at this occasion. This attracts a host of visitors from all corners of the state.

For the traveller looking for a more tranquil and quiet experience at Ialong, the Ialong Eco Park offers this in plenty. At a modest size of 12.80 hectares this park provides the tourist with ample space for family picnics and soothing walks but what must be kept in mind is avoiding the Sacred Grooves that is housed within the boundaries of the eco-park. Situated atop a hill the view it offers of the Pynthorwah Valley is truly breath taking. The park and the Ialong Traveller’s nest are run by the Ialong Tourism Cooperative Society Limited. The nest has cottages which provide for a comfortable stay while staying in natures lap. Treks along the meandering Myntdu River are arranged and camp sites are set up along the rivers banks all year round barring the rainy season. The park also hosts monthly archery competitions for the local inhabitants as well as tourists.

Ialong is a village that exudes a feeling that one belongs there, whether you are a Mulieh or not.

Activities you can enjoy:

  • Attend Cultural festivals during April and August
  • Treks leading all the way to Tuberkmai
  • Enjoy the local theatre
  • Compete in the monthly archery contests
  • Camp on the banks of the Myntdu River

Hospitality Services:

  • Three Cottages with basic amenities
  • Lodging provided by some of the local residents.

Local Contact:

Shri. Budki Mulieh, Secretary
Ialong Traveller’s Nest, Ialong Village,
West Jaintia Hills