Home Destination: Mawphanlur Village


Mawphanlur - Serenity Unlimited

There is not much one says about the hill top Village- Mawphanlur but to experience. The serenity is fit for pilgrims on a quest for nirvana.

If driving and trekking uphill on the graveled road doesn't tickle the sense of realization of Nature's beauty, the thick mist instantly blanketing the multitudes of lakes will. On days that Nature finds fitting for an exhibition; Blades of grass, dust in the air and the surface of the lakes are illuminated with golden light.

The ever-present gentle breeze can persuade even the meekest traveller to surmount the highest hill in the village but only to be humbled by the glorious setting of the sun as it bathes these rolling hills with gold. Lum Kyllang, Lum Symper, Mawten / Mawkyrwat, Lum Nohkrek, Rambrai, Mawdoh, and even the great Himalaya’s can be seen basking in the sunset one last time before night fall. One might witness a peculiar sight of children playing football/soccer in between two gently sloped hills and be mesmerized by the sounds of cowbells ringing. Evenings around in Mawphanlur can be quite eventful.

Around dusk, if fortunate, there are children playful yet shy; Jumping about, splashing water and sitting on the banks with fishing rods. Chattering & laughing which offers a sense of cinematic bliss. And it only gets better! Usually as the magenta light fades from the sky; the water surface reflects, what looks like 'diamonds in the sky'. As the children disperse, the only thing one can hear is the song of silence. An orchestra of toads croaking, crickets chirping, ripples caressing the grassy banks and the evening breeze's whisper.

Find shelter in one of the Village's humble home or the cottages at the Traveller’s Nest and receive a warm and hearty meal. (Piping hot steamed rice, dal, home fried potatoes and a perfectly simplified local chicken curry). Waiting for supper to get ready could be unexpectedly rewarding (one can see the moon rising from the horizon and into the clouds right outside the window). At night a few houses can be seen with their low intensity bulbs glimmering from a moderately great distance. The gentle slopes of Mawphanlur looks radiant in the pale moon light that skims the hills. The water of the ponds glittering, it is a good place for moon light sight seeing / photography.

Waking up to the sound of rain drops on the thin roof maybe the only thing that beats sleeping in homemade mattresses filled with dried pine needles. It is almost impossible to contain the morning excitement when flowers outside the guest house is studded with wet little dew drops. Around dawn, a walk to the hill where one can see Lum Kyllang is a must. The water in the lake beside the hill is as still as death itself. Sometimes in just five minutes, thick mist rolls in and there is nothing more mysterious than those mist covered Lakes. On such mornings the mist soon blankets the entire Village. Silence once again. It’s good to hear thoughts, once in a while.

The Mawphanlur Traveller’s Nest (which will be opened to travellers in October 2013) is built, owned and managed by Mawphanlur Integrated Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited comprising of enterprising individuals from the village and led by the every smiling ‘Bah Syiemlieh’.

Hospitality Services:

  • Cottages at the Tourist Nest with basic amenities
  • Common areas for dining and relaxation
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Camp site

Guide Map and Driving Instructions:

Local Contact:

Shri. Francis Syiemlieh, Chairman
Mawphanlur Traveller’s Nest, Markasa,
West Khasi Hills